Best Fitness Apps Available in Dubai

There’s no excuse now, it’s time to be smart when it comes to your workout! Ready for your next exercise? There’s an app that you can use for that! We’ve compiled a list of fitness apps available in Dubai that you can use on the go!


Download Classdive now and you can gain access to about 40 studios across Dubai. Most of the packages are more focused in Business Bay and Downtown areas. The app is easy to navigate and tracking your progress won’t be an issue. In addition, the class address is linked to Google Maps so you can easily go to the area. Classdive is mostly recommended for Yoga lovers with the most recommended classes are Club Stretch and Bounce Fit.

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The Powerdot app comes with the revolutionary lightweight, compact muscle stimulators which represents the evolution when it comes to portable EMS therapy. The FDA-approved powerdot comes with minimal wiring allowing you to stimulate multiple muscles you want to improve. The PowerDot can be used by athletes training in various disciplines and can be used to workout any part of the body from the triceps, biceps to the lower back, abs and glutes.

If you prefer though to do EMS training with a professional trainer, you can opt for Fitness gyms that offer specialized EMS workout. Fit In Time Dubai has branches across town where you can train for just 20 minutes per session – and the results are outstanding!

Guava Pass

For a one-time membership, GuavaPass offers its users unlimited classes for a month (but limited to 3 per week at the same workout studio). There are a lot of classes you might be interested in including spin classes and pilates. Members of the app get to enjoy perks like promotions and discounts from Guava partners all over Dubai. Discounts range from the basic blow dry to healthy food you can avail on a restaurant.

Before signing up, each classes are explained in detail, allowing you to carefully select a class that is suitable for you. Once you book your class, you can easily follow the directions with Google Maps. The most recommended classes are Surge and Physique.


This app was launched in 2015 and had recently partnered with XYoga Dubai which help it gained access to most of the popular studios in town. Among the most popular venues are Exhale, Pride Fitness, Warehouse Gym and Piloga.

With Classport you can inform your friends and other members of the app what classes you intend to attend then ask them to join you. You can also view which classes your friends are currently attending. The app also allows you to book three advance classes which is perfect to get yourself motivated for the whole week. Flywheel, which is one of the most popular studios in Dubai can be found in the app’s pacakges. The most recommended classes to date are Piloga, Yoga Studio and Soupless Cycle.

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