Best Tech Gadgets for Fitness Buffs

Wearing tech nowadays has become a social standard as most gadgets are becoming smarter, smaller can can now be integrated into everything. Now you can wear fitness trackers, smart watches and even apparel to keep track of your fitness levels. But with a handful of fitness gadgets to choose from on the market, it’s really hard to classify the great stuff from the not-so-good stuff. That said, this post summarizes the best tech gadgets out there that you can consider if you are a fitness buff.

Under Armour Gemini 3 RE smart shoes 

If you hate wearing expensive shoes before plunging in head first into your fitness routine, there’s always an option of wearing an “invisible” tech. Take for example the Under Armour Gemini 3 RE smart shoes for instance. Under Armour has integrated in these shoes a fitness tracker right into its soles so you don’t need to wear a smart watch to track your fitness data. Under Armour boast an accelerometer integrated into the Gemini 3 to accurately record running metrics. The Bluetooth connectivity then saves all the recorded data on the fitness app later on. You can also use this fancy shoes when going on a 20-minute workout with Fit In Time Dubai. They have trainings all over Fitness First and Talise Fitness. Try their free session today so you can see the difference in training and results.

fitness shoes

Amiigo Fitness Bracelet 

Amiigo strives to be recognized in the fitness gadget competition by uniquely having the ability to track and record specific workouts you perform. The device is 2-in-1, one worn on your wrist while the other on your shoe so you can capture both upper and lower body movements. This gadget can distinguish your movements whether you’re swimming, cycling, walking, hiking, playing ball or water sports. It can even differentiate if you’re doing a routine with a cardio equipment or weights. It easily syncs with a Bluetooth and is even an open source allowing 3rd party developers to develop apps compatible with the device.

fitness tracker

Umoro One

This fitness bottle is one of the best gifts you can ever give to a fitness addict! The bottle functions like the usual sports bottle but with one twist. With just a push of the button, it is capable of releasing up to 1.5 scoops of your favorite whey protein mix. It’s perfect for use in the gym during and even post workout without ever carrying multiple bottles as part of your gym routine. The “ball” you see on the bottle also acts a mixer for your drink. The bottle comes in two colors: black or white and is sold in sports stores at a very reasonable price.

Sensoria Smart Sock

This fitness tracker can be worn on your ankles – and yes, that is where the pressure signals are that records your fitness progress. The Sensoria Smart Sock was designed for runners and updates you of how well you’ve been doing your run and how to improve your running performance over time. Although is has sensors, the socks are still washable and as comfortable as your normal socks.

All fitness buffs out there are sure to find these tech gadgets stylish and amazing. Try one of these today and experience a workout routine like no other.

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