Most common exercise injuries

 Injuries are really painful and can set you back for weeks or even months away from your workout goals. Though no one is really immune to injury, there are a number of things you can do in order to reduce your risk of these injuries. Exercise have a lot of benefits but having injuries from your workout can turn out into a terrible thing.

Knee Injuries 

This is the most common injuries and counts almost half of sports injuries. Torn or worn out cartilage is the most common cause. Anterior knee pain syndrome also covers a range of injuries to the knee area but is not solely restricted to runners. Knee injuries usually happen while playing sports such as basketball and football.

To prevent knee injuries, a good advice is to choose the best running shoes for you and replace them regularly. Lunges is the best exercise to strengthen the knee by bending the hip and ankle together. You can also do squats and steps to strengthen your knees.

knee injury

Lower Back Pain 

Most people who tend to have lower back pain are those who have a poor posture or is likely obese and have a sedentary lifestyle. Back pain however can also be the primary cause of overtraining the abs and forgetting about your back. It can also be caused by poor stretching after doing workouts. Lower back pain stems down from having musculature issues like weak or tight muscles.

Before doing your exercise routine, remember to stretch to strengthen your upper back. This will then compensate for the hunching. Whenever you can, exercise while standing up as this will help engage the bigger muscles in your body.

lower back pain

Shoulder injuries

Your shoulder is one of the most common areas for injuries. These kind of injuries usually stem from lifting too heavy weights and with people doing resistance training including overhead shoulder presses. Swimmers, volleyball players and even tennis players are at higher risks to these kind of injuries.

The best way to avoid shoulder injuries is to strengthen your rotator cuffs to stabilize your shoulders during sports activities and weight training. You can do this by rowing with cables. This can easily be done by grabbing cables and pulling your arms back then rotating your palms behind you.

shoulder injury

Ankle Sprain

Anything that requires running, jumping and twisting at speed can occasionally lead to ankle sprain. A simple twist can lead to a stiff or swollen ankle and to a more serious ligament or tendon tear which can prevent you from walking.

To help your ankle to recover, the best way is to keep your ankle from moving. Using an ankle support or a brace can help you with your ankle sprain. When running, it is best that you look for running shoes that’s not too high in the heel area. You also prevent other foot problems when you spread the impact of your whole foot with the shoes you are wearing.

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