Crazy Alternatives If You Hate Gym Workouts

 Some people just love going to the gym. Maybe it’s because of the fancy equipment or may it’s the motivation that comes with it so can get fit and healthy. If you hate they gym, you are not alone though. There are a lot of people who hates even the thought of going to the gym. Here are some alternatives you can go for if you don’t want to be a part of any gym membership with fees and strict training instructors.

1. Acro Yoga

Well, this is not the normal medication class where you normally almost fall asleep. This is lifting another individual with the use of your arms and legs. Both the lifter and the flyer get to experience an excellent workout with this yoga. You can experience the most intensive lower body workout once you’ve tried Acro Yoga. And it might probably be as addicting as going to the gym.

acro yoga

2. Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

If you are not a fan of lifting and flying, you can always try other alternatives like a 20-minute workout. Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is another alternative you can explore if you hate going to the gym. With only 20 minutes on your timer, you can do as much workout that most people achieve on a three-hour workout routine. You can visit Fit In Time Dubai and experience a remarkably new way to get fit in no time. With just 20 minutes to spare, you have more time to do other important things on your daily routine. Plus, you can only do this 2-3x a week! How cool can that be?

EMS training

3. Volunteering

Regardless of your personal interests, you can always find ways to actively volunteer. If you love to garden, you can look for alternatives as communities that could use a green thumb – for free! If you’re an animal lover, you can also volunteer to walk dogs. That way, you get a healthy way to workout without heading to a gym.

4. Pole Dancing

In the past few years, pole has gone from the norm of clubs to going mainstream. Most recently, it became a part of Arnold Sports Festival. Not only women get to enjoy pole fitness, even men can try them out! The classes are loads of fun and you will definitely be surprised that you can build core strength in no time without even knowing you are building your upper body.

pole fitness

5. Swimming

If you have a certain distaste for humanity and hates going to the gym because of this, you can always find other alternatives like swimming. Going for even a half-hour swim once in awhile will actually help you burn 200 calories in one go. Swimming is also one of the best ways to work out if you are currently recovering from an injury or if you have certain medical conditions such as arthritis and obesity. Risk for injury during swimming is extremely low which makes it all the more ideal for those who are prone to injury. If you can’t swim, it’s not a problem! Staying afloat on water while propelling with your arms and legs can give you the same benefits of swimming in the water.

6. Cleaning your house

Cleaning the house for even just half an hour can help you burn up to 153 calories. So put on your comfy cleaning clothes, set your timer to 30 minutes, turn on the music and see how much work you can finish before the timer goes off. Working out to clean the house will make you bend, twist, reach and turn, walk up stairs and carry things. Make your movements count by keeping your core engaged as always.

Doing all these workout alternatives will surely help you get the exercise you need to have a healthy lifestyle. Remember that having a regular exercise routine is essential to make a healthier you despite all the stress life has to offer.

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