What to Eat After a Workout

 Regardless of any type of exercise, when you workout, your muscles usually use glycogen stores to fuel your body. Proteins in your muscles are broken down during workout and there may be a potential glycogen depletion during this activity. After doing a workout, you body will usually try to rebuild the glycogen that was lost. By eating the right food after workout, you are helping your body speed up this process.

After working out, it is particularly essential that you both eat protein and carbs. This is the best combination to help rebuild the proteins and glycogen stores in your muscles. Aim to at least eat one gram of protein per kilo of your body weight.

post workout meal

When exactly do you need to eat?

The timing of a post-workout meal is very important. Ideally, you need to consume food within 45 minutes of finishing your workout since this is the best time your body can rebuild the protein and glycogen that was used up during your exercise.

Here’s a few suggestions of what you can eat depending on your type of workout.

Cardio Workout

When doing a cardio workout, the key is always to replenish carbohydrate as well as having adequate hydration. A slice of whole grain bread together with peanut butter plus a banana is a good combination. Other combinations after a cardio workout includes a banana with nuts or 1-2 whole grain slices of toast and fruit. You can even go for a cottage cheese and a tomato combination.


Food choices after a yoga should always aim to repair the tired muscles of your body by way of replenishing your energy stores. To restore your energy stores you have to consume protein plus some low GI carbohydrates together with vegetables or fruits. You can go for a can of tuna or a small tub of Greek yoghurt along with nuts and fruits. Couple your post workout meal too with some chopped veggies.


What you will eat again will depend on your workout goals. If you goal is weight loss, it is best to consume a nutrient rich meal. If your goal is for strength improvement, then you should consume more protein.  Two hard boiled eggs with multigrain toast or even a slice of roasted vegetable together with feta frittata can do the trick.

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Strength or resistance training

If your workout goal is to gain muscle, you should be targeting an energy-rich diet along with adequate protein. It is best you consume carbohydrates in combination with protein in order to initiate muscle growth and even repair.

If you are on the run, the best option is to try smoothies that you can prepare the night before your scheduled workout. You can go for a chocolate smoothie couples with banana, milk, cacao and protein powder after a 20-minute EMS training with Fit In Time Dubai.

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High intensity interval training

 An egg omelet is best recommended after a high intensity interval training. Eggs are known for high leucine which is the primary trigger for muscle protein synthesis. 

Remember that eating the right kind of food will always depend on the type of your workout. Make sure that you target the right food in order to replenish your body after your workout.


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