Top 5 Gyms to Try in Dubai This 2017

From extremely hardcore workout training facilities to fun and social personal training workout groups, Dubai’s gym scene is really something you should try out if you’re living in the city. Whether you are simply an exercise fanatic or a fitness newbie – there is surely a perfect gym for your needs. We’ve round up the top 5 fitness gyms all around Dubai featuring the must-try workout spots to the luxurious hangouts. Most gyms are equipped with the usual equipment so it’s best that we only mention the really cool stuff here.

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1. Talise Fitness

If you work in the corporate world with a working schedule that’s nowhere near 9am to 5pm, Talise Fitness is the perfect spot that can somehow bring a bit of cheer to your life. While there are a lot of fancy gyms in the vicinity of Jumeirah, Talise Gyms is way better with a whole lot of perks you can enjoy. Jumeirah Emirates membership slashes 25% off for their club membership. You also get a free access to 2km of private beach when you join Talise Fitness as well as unlimited access to aerobics classes, sauna, squash courts, rock-climbing wall and the 25-meter indoor lap pool.

Aside from all these fancy perks, you can also enjoy Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) sessions from Fit In Time Dubai. EMS is a total body workout that only takes 20 minutes per session and has more benefits that the usual workout session. It has been used by many athletes and is now in Dubai. You can visit a Talise Fitness branch and enjoy a free 20-minute workout from Fit In Time.

2.  Fit Republik – Sports City

This gym in Sports City is extraordinary! Aside from the usual gym facilities, it boasts a 50-meter pool along with highly experienced fitness trainers, crossfit rigs, martial arts, yoga, pilates, 12 weightlifting stations, and an outdoor running track. If you are looking for something more, you also get to explore Olympic weight training. This place has everything. You can even spend the whole day here without getting bored of the usual things you do on a normal gym.

3.  Fitness 360

When you hear the brand Fitness 360, the first thing that will come to mind is accessibility. They offer a holistic approach at affordable world-class fitness options beyond what you normally expect on a gym. What’s more interesting about Fitness 360 is that the set up of each branch cater to the needs of its neighborhood – the International City branch is an express gym. On the one hand, the Jumeirah Fitness 360 only caters to ladies only. The other two branches are mixed gyms consisting of facilities you can ask for.

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4. TribeFit

If you don’t really mind strangers chatting to you while on a workout routine, then TribeFit is the place for you! Located in Dubai Marina, TribeFit’s holistic approach revolves mainly on social fitness – the space isn’t just a gym but a café, lounge and a social club rolled in one. The 22,000 square feet facility is divided into zones like Build Lab, Fight Club and Spin City, to mention a few. To invigorate the community fitness concept, TribeFit has a social calendar packed with monthly parties, movie nights, weekend brunches and even camping trips.

5. Fitness First

If you are looking for convenience, Fitness First is the perfect gym for you! There’s one in almost every area you can think of in Dubai, so having a multi-club membership from this gym can let you pop in every branch for a quick workout. One more exciting reason why you should get the multi-club membership from this gym is that Fitness First has more classes than you can ever think of. Aside from this, Fitness First also offers EMS training from Fit In Time Dubai. You can visit one of their branches and get a free workout session. Visit a branch today and experience an extraordinary 20-minute workout!

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